Final Countdown

Here’s an original piece I wrote for The Free Style Writing Challenge via unbolt me’s Choose Your Challenge page. I highly recommend doing prompts and challenges because you never know what you’re going to write, and sometimes the results surprise you. Two shows I don’t even watch wound up in here. Anyway, enjoy!

P.S. Outside of fixing one spelling error, this piece is completely unrevised and unedited. Sorry if it shows!


The television stared blankly at the man who was clad in a satiny bathrobe, watching the hours tick down to minutes until the world would end.

He knew precisely when planet Earth would meet its demise. His people had plotted it for centuries, and the task had fallen to him to detonate the core.

In the glimmering city around him, millions of others who looked much like him but under their skin were nothing like him watched their glowing screens, on clunky old televisions like his or the sleek screens of tablets and cellphones. They debated casting choices for movie adaptations of their favorite books or debated the endings of Lost and Game of Thrones.

It was a shame having to destroy such an active planet, home to the chattering beings he still considered primitive but had grown to love.

But love was a weak emotion, not tolerated by his kind. He had suppressed it to his deepest depths in hopes he would some day be the man his father was, who gave his life in the fight against free will.

It was a shame to destroy such a planet, with its green foliage and strangely-shaped human nests. It was a shame to know the aurora borealis would streak its skies no more, that the screens would go black, that every lifeform on the planet would be extinguished with the same agonized scream.

He had watched other planets so perish before, but today he would be the one to set the chain in motion. He would be the one to light the blast.

Any minute now, the reaction would start. He would be free of love and other vestiges of his primeval past.

It was the will of the Directorate.

10 minutes, 290 words

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